Stinson needs your help!

Thank you for checking out my donations page, it really means a lot that you may have considered donating some money to us, let me try and explain exactly where your money goes.

Firstly the work we undertake DOES NOT rely solely on donations but they really do help alleviate some of the financial strains that are placed upon us whilst working, Below is a breakdown of where the money goes.

Travel: As I do not drive I rely on public transport to get to destinations and this can sometimes be very costly, your donation will help take the strain from that a little.

Accommodation: If we have to travel further than where we live we will need to stay in a cheap B&B/Travelodge.

Food: Maintaining energy during these trips away is very important.

Hire of room for interview: With this new style of operations we want to conduct the safest and most professional interview possible for ourselves and the person who is being quizzed.

Security: This one is very rare but we sometimes have had to hire a professional security person to keep us safe if we think the person we are meeting could be a risk to ourselves or others.

No donations are used for our own benefit and we are happy to show those that do donate where we the money has been used, simply leave a note in your donation that you would like to be updated with this information, please include an email for us to contact you on.

Thank you all so much for your help and support, we really think you are going to love the new content and I believe you will appreciate the effort we are going to in order to create work that really stands out and makes a difference.

Stinson x


If you press the donate button below you will notice a section that allows card payments, your details are secure and all go through via PayPal – non of your personal information will be available to anyone else.

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