Sick ‘Grooming Gang’ used Snapchat to abuse their victims.

VILE grooming gang who used Snapchat to abuse vulnerable young girls have been banned from using the app after treating their victims like "trophies".TWISTED Taiyab Hussain, Shaheem Ratyal and Sohail Ali, all aged 19, and 18-year-old Mohammed Rizwan were only caught out when one girl realised she had been groomed after watching an

Pedophile dressed as Spiderman and gets job cleaning windows to groom kids at children’s hospital

Paedophile Jarratt Turner, 36 attempted to target new victims at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital dressed as Spiderman while at the same time he was found to be raping 2 children, recording the horrific experience and making it available online.The sick man, who managed to pass all background check as he had no

Vile businessman tried to meet young girl for sex ; Begged paedophile hunters to let him go

Paedophile businessman Alan Leightley, Fenham, begged a group of paedophile hunters to let him when they 'stung' him as he was hoping to meet with a 15-year-old for sex.The sexual predator thought he was talking to the 15-year-old  girl, saying that he wanted to take her virginity over their 6 months

Ellie Butler’s granddad ‘authorities have blood on their hands’

Yesterday, the grandparent of Ellie Butler stated she would “be alive” if local authorities had done their best to protect her from her deranged father.A distraught Neal Gray, 72, made this statement after the coroner ruled that Ellie had been “unlawfully killed” but that the agencies looking after her should

Alarming rise in child abuse images online : one third of child sex images found taken by selfie

The Internet Watch Foundation's yearly report has uncovered the disturbing fact that one-third of all child sexual abuse images found online are taken by the selfie."Category A content", the worst, which includes the rape and torture of children, has risen by 5%. "self-generated content" now accounts for a large amount

Pilot and CEO pleads guilty to holding and viewing sick child abuse images

A former business owner has walked free after being accused of attempting to meet an underage girl after the key witness failed to turn up to the trial.Simon Young,  a former RAF jet pilot, was busted by an online paedophile hunter who he was chatting to online, thinking it was

Two children’s homes in Nottinghamshire, to be investigated over claims of child abuse

Police are following up on the report of abuse at two former children's homes in Bassetlaw, Nottinghamshire.Nottinghamshire Police say the claim indicates that abuse may have happened in 22 Children's homes with Ashley House and Repton Lodge, in Worksop, being named.In the last 60 years over 57 children’s homes have