Young parents attempted to sell their newborn baby to a stranger for £280.

A pair of young parents were so poor they allegedly tried to sell their newborn baby to pay for the hospital bill.
The mum and dad have since been arrested for putting their baby girl up for sale in the city of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

The couple, both 21, are said to have attempted to give their newborn child to a woman for the price of 6,500 MXN (£281) .
However the pair – who are only known as Edgar Ivan P.M. and Norma H.H. were arrested by police after being reported to authorities by relatives.

The baby’s grandmother was shocked when they arrived home without their newborn child.
They reportedly told her that they had left the baby at the hospital because they did not have enough money to pay the hospital bill.
She reported her daughter and son-in-law to the police who later arrested the couple.

The pair have three other children and will now face charges of trafficking a minor.

It is thought that the youngsters may be taken into the care of their grandmother.
The identity of the woman who allegedly attempted to buy the little girl has not been released.
It is currently unknown why she wanted to purchase the girl or whether she may face any legal action over the alleged sale.