Women jailed after assaulting pensioner in his own home

2 women have been jailed after they broke into a pensioner’s home and tried to steal his beer. They were both drunk at the time.

The pensioner was kicked, punched and hit in the face with a dog bowl.

The women were originally charged for burglary but were then proven guilty of assault and theft also. The women have also been given a restraining order on the pensioner and are to not approach him in any way and to not go within 100 yards of his home.

The judge said: “He was vulnerable, he did not want them in his home and they knew it. The victim gave them alcohol and cigarettes because he was scared of them. But having got what they wanted, they intimidated him to try and get more.
When he refused he was assaulted by being kicked and punched. A dog feeding bowl was thrown into his face. They later returned to his home, banging on his door and shouting at him.”

The pensioner was left with bruising on his face and aches and pains to his back. The women were arrested the day after.

One of the women, Caikawskaite, was said to be dependant on alcohol and something needed to happen to stop her offending. One of her daughter had health issues and brain damage shortly after birth due to this.

She described alcohol as “her worst enemy”, she thought it would help her but it actually made things worse.

The 2 women were both jailed for 18 months and had breached their criminal behaviour orders.