UK, USA and France launch strategic airstrikes on Syria; ‘enough is enough’

IN the early hours of this morning, The USA with the backing of the UK and France launched a series of strategic airstrikes on the Assad Regiems ability to launch any more attacks with Chemical weapons.

On the 7 April 2018, a suspected chemical attack was carried out in the Syrian city of Douma, killing nearly 80 people. Medics stated the cause of those deaths was exposure to either chlorine gas or sarin gas. The attack was most likely carried out by the Syrian Army although these claims were disputed by the Syrian government and its allies, with Russia making the ludicrous claim that the UK staged the Gas attack as a pretence for war.

Four British ‘Tornado’ jets were used in the action along with Storm Shadow cruise missiles were used, along with munitions and jets from other nations, striking targets in Damascus and Homs including a research centre, said to create chemical weapons, A command post and an airbase.

President Trump, along with Prime Minister Theresa May has commented that this action is a ‘one-time deal’ with the only intention being to remove President Assad’s ability to create and use chemical weapons and on no way meant to force any regime change or to take a side in the Syrian Civil war.

This round of military spending comes at a time (in the UK) when our Government refuses to spend more money on hospitals, schools or homes, an action which will aggravate many within the UK regardless of moral stance.