Toddler found dead after suffering “extreme violence”

Craig Smith, called 999 saying that a 2 year old had drowned in a bath, even though the baby was completely dry.
However, when paramedics turned up they found the baby to have multiple injuries, including bleeding to the brain. The baby’s sister was also found with injuries from Smith.

Smith has denied the murder of the baby, as well as 2 counts of cruelty to a child and assaulting the other baby and causing her bodily harm.
Their Mother, Ashleigh Willett, has also been charged with 2 counts of cruelty to the children.

The baby, Teddy, had died from what doctors to believe was either a punch or a kick, this caused an internal abdomen tear.
A witness claimed they had heard a “horrible scream” coming from the home as she walked her dog past it just an hour before Smith called 999.

The trial is estimated to take an additional 5 weeks.