Teenager ‘who raped girl as she lay dying’ sent LOL text to pals with photo of her lifeless body

A teenager who is said to have raped a teen girl while she lay dying from after overdosing on drugs later sent a picture of her in a group text to his friends, saying: “LOL I think she od’d, still breathing.”

Brian Varela, 19, sexually assaulted Alyssa Mae Noceda, 18, as she lay passed out after the pair snorted prescription painkiller Percocet in his trailer home.

He later told his friends that he didn’t know ‘if she was alive when he ejaculated into her”, U.S. news outlets are reporting.He failed to phone the paramedics while Ms Noceda lay unconscious and instead went to bed because he was “too tired”, court documents show.

He used her  thumb to access her iPhone and posted a message on her Snapchat account which suggested that she had run away – in a bid to throw anyone who might look for her off the trail.

He then washed her body in a bid to wipe away any of his DNA that would link him to her death, afterwards, he locked her remains in his bedroom and went off to work.