A teenage boy was raped and burned before being beaten to death and buried in a shallow grave by his mother and her boyfriend.

The body of Jeremiah Valencia was found buried on a roadside.

His mother’s partner, Thomas Ferguson, has been charged with his brutal murder.

It is also reported that Jeremiah was sexually assaulted, burned and forced to live in a plastic dog kennel before his death

Ferguson is alleged to have kept Jeremiah a kennel as punishment – making him sleep there and wear adult nappies.

An autopsy found the teenager was buried in a nappy and that he had suffered cuts and wounds on his body consistent with sexual assault.

His mother, Tracy Ann Peña, 35, her boyfriend, Thomas Wayne Ferguson, 42, and Ferguson’s 19-year-old son, Jordan Nuñez, all face charges in connection with Jeremiah’s death, news reports suggest.