Teacher lured student into “romp sessions” at her home

28 year old, Samantha Fitzpatrick had sex with a 17 year old student.

She was found out after another student told police they had “done stuff.”
Fitzpatrick worked at the school from 2016-2017.

Another teacher also revealed how the two had a “flirty” relationship.
Fitzpatrick laughed it off and said, “I could see how they would say this.”

A criminal complaint said, “In October, a student came to (the teacher) and reported that someone told her that Victim A had gone to a party at a hotel in Oshkosh and he had arrived at the party late.
Victim A told a student that the reason he arrived to the party late was because he was at Fitzpatrick’s and he just had sex with her.”

The two denied the stories but police found texts between them. She deleted his contact details but police retrieved them.

She resigned quickly after the allegations.
Fitzpatrick faces 35 years in prison.