Teacher “fiddled with his trousers after groping woman”

Charles Maxwell, an English teacher from Watford.

A schoolteacher, accused of groping the woman sitting next to him at a theatre, has been giving his version of events to a jury at Inner London Crown Court.

Charles Maxwell, 56, downed a bottle of wine, alongside taking his anti-depressants, at a show in the Olivier Theatre on London’s South Bank, before the alleged assault. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges brought before him, but admitted that whilst he didn’t remember the events, he can’t rule out that they did take place.

He said, “Maybe I was asleep and it was an involuntary action. I did not know who was sitting beside me, did not have a clue until she came into court, I had not seen her”. After groping the woman, Maxwell fiddled with his trousers, which were hanging off of him as he stood up, the court was told. He explained the trouser incident by saying that due to his size, “…I’m forever adjusting my posture in the seat”.

After the “slim, attractive lady” complained about his behaviour, Maxwell shouted “Get that f**king c**t here!” towards her and her friends. This over-the-top reaction was due to the fact that he had just discovered his wife had been rushed to hospital and he was in a “heightened emotional state”, he said.

Maxwell, who was until recently an English teacher at the Jewish Yavneh College in Borehamwood, did enjoy theatre trips with his wife, in which he would touch her thigh and hold her hand, she told the court.

The hearing continues.