Teacher cleared of having sex with a pupil because she wasn’t HIS student

39 year old, Bryan Schalch, has been cleared of abusing his position.

The judge said he didn’t breach his position as the student attended another school.

Schalch met up with the 17 year old in a car park and they kissed.
Their relationship got more intense when he invited her to his home and they had sex 3 times.
It ended when he refused to leave his wife.

The judge advised the jury to enter not guilty verdicts.

The judge said, “there is no issue but that the person named is 17, and that Bryan Schalch was a teacher.
The prosecution set out to prove that Bryan Schalch was in a position of trust in relation to her at the time of the sexual activity.
It is no crime for someone simply to have a sexual relationship with another, as long as that other is at least 16, unless the section of the Sexual Offences Act is applicable, namely that there is a breach of trust.”

Schalch denied 3 counts of sexual activity with a child by a person in a position of trust.
He was cleared on the grounds that he had not done anything illegal.