SICK couple accused of romping with their pet husky ‘Bubba’ in home-made sex dungeon

A sick couple who had vile romps with their dog in a home-made sex chamber are facing jail.

Twisted Frederick Manzanares, 51, and Janette Solano, 49, carried out the vile sex attacks on dog, Bubba in a motorhome.

Manzanares built a customised bench with red padding for the twisted acts in his garden.

He also used a dog hormone to arouse Bubba.

Police said they found video footage of Manzanares, Solano and their pet having sex in Aurora, Colorado.

Bestiality falls under animal cruelty laws in the state and Manzanares has pleaded guilty to two counts.

He could be jailed for up to 18 months on each charge when sentenced next month.

Solano has pleaded guilty to one count.