Scumbag abducted a 10-month-old baby, threatened to drown her before dropping her on a concrete floor.

Lewis Jeffers entered the baby’s bedroom and picked up the tot, before telling her terrified mum: “If you want to see her again don’t call the police.”
Jeffers also threatened he would drown the baby, a court heard.
Police were scrambled to the area and when an officer cornered Jeffers, he dropped the child on to the concrete floor at the house in Derby on August 6th.
Trial Judge Robert Egbuna said: “It is a mother’s worst nightmare that, when she is in her home with her three young children, an unpredictable character breaks in and takes her child.

“You uttered a very chilling thing to her and that was that you would drown her poor child and if she called the police she would not see her daughter again. That is just horrific.

He continued

“I have read her statement where she describes her state of mind at that time.
“She says she was in a blind panic, she was hysterical, her heart probably dropped down because she was so scared.
“It was 2.15am, you broke in, went up the stairs, went into her room and went straight to the cot where you picked the young baby up.

“It is only down to the professionalism of Derbyshire Constabulary that they reacted so quickly and located you just a short time later.
“But you then behaved in a spineless way by dropping the baby to the concrete floor so you could try and make your escape.
“She was shaking and she was cold when the police officer picked her up. I cannot think of a worse situation for a mother to find herself in.”
Amy Earnshaw, for the prosecution, said Jeffers, 24, had broken into the house through a window.

“The complainant woke up after hearing the sound of movement downstairs and called the police,” she said.
“The defendant walked in to her room and over to the cot where he picked up her 10-month-old daughter.
“He looked the victim in the face and said to her ‘if you want to see her again don’t call the police’ and he also said something about drowning the girl.

“The police arrived immediately and an area search in Sinfin located the defendant. The defendant dropped the girl on the floor and then ran away.”
Mrs Earnshaw said Jeffers, was arrested soon after the offence.
During his police interview, he replied “no comment” to the questions put to him but he later pleaded guilty to child abduction and a second charge of harassment which related to the mother.


Jeffers was jailed for four years.