School kids find dead body on beach field trip

School children find dead body on a beach.

The body of a dead man has been found by children who were on a school trip.

The trip was part of a geography field trip at the High School of Dundee.

Local police said, “At 11am this morning the body of man was discovered on Selwicks Bay, Flamborough.

The man has not yet been identified and the circumstances are to be established.”

The deputy head of the school said, “The group became aware that there was what appeared to be a body on the beach a little distance away.

The staff confirmed this was the case and immediately called the police who also involved the coastguard. They are now attending to the matter.

It seems it was the body of an adult male.

I should just reassure you that the pupils were moved away as soon as it became apparent what had happened.

They are all safe and well and are continuing with their fieldwork at another location as normally as possible under the circumstances.”

The school have offered councelling for students affected.

The man still remains unknown.