Paedophiles are now posing as “chicken nuggets” to lure children

Paedophiles are setting up fake accounts pretending to be chicken nuggets and ice cream in order to lure children.

Dr Griffin said: “offenders have come up with new and novel ways of gaining access to children’s information. At primary school level, I have dealt with accounts set up pretending to be chicken nuggets and ice-cream in order to friend children.”

One offender even posed as a road near a primary school sending friend requests to underage pupils. She went on to say, “over 400 girls at the school accepted the road as a friend. The owner of the account was a known convicted sex offender who made no effort to contact the girls, he didn’t follow them or meet them in real life or wait outside their school. He simply collected their photos, pictures from teenage discos, girls’ sleepovers and a range of selfies.”

An app called is heavily used by children in which they lip sync songs and famous phrases from films, TV, etc. Dr Griffin said, ” any site that is targeted towards children, adults with a sexual interest in children will use that site.” One offender told a girl that she would get more followers and like if she was to lip sync a song on one condition, that she could only do it in her underwear.

In this day and age children are constantly looking for approval on social media through the form of likes and followers, and these sites are simply not doing enough to combat how these children interact with their followers.