Mother did not call ambulance on her dying daughter as phone was “low on minutes”

34 year old, Jessica Briones, has been arrested on suspicion of injuring a child.

She told the police that she didn’t call the police when her daughter was injured as her phone was “low on minutes”.

The doctors originally saw suffering to the arm, face and head, but discovered more later on.
They later found a swollen nose, 8 head scaes, a black eye, deflated left lung, fractured spine, swollen wrist and arms, bruised ankle and a detached lip.

Briones later said her daughter’s arm was “accidentally” slammed in a door, she could not explain the other injuries.

The 4 year old daughter was taken into hospital by the Mother suffering head trauma, the girl sadly died the day after.

If convicted Briones could face up to 99 years in prison.