Mother lied about how her son drowned to death in a bath

25 year old, Sahrish Idris, left her 3 year old son alone in the bath for 15 minutes.

When she returned he was face down and unconscious.

Paramedics attempted to revive him but he sadly died.

However, the family had been known to social services as the boy had previously taken 3 of his Mother’s sleeping tablets.

Idris was also admitted to hospital after saying she was going to throw herself off a bridge and was found with 10 razor blades in her bag.

She told officers, “something serious happened that night…something serious…but I can’t say as you are the police.

I’ve told too many lies, nobody knows the truth about the day my son passed.’

It’s the guilt because of what I did, you know, it’s my fault I’ve not been truthful with police, they think he slipped in the bath, he didn’t even have a bath that day.”

Idris admitted to 2 charges of child cruelty and was given a 6 month jail term, family and friends insisted she was very close with the child.