Mother who left child to die In blistering heat previously had her daughter removed by Social Services.

A sick mother pushed her baby into the desert in a pram and left her to die over four days while she met friends for ice-cream and posted pictures of herself on Facebook.
It is reported that Ashley Attson, 23, spent time with friends and continued her day-to-day life while her 17-month-old daughter perished alone.

Attson then returned to the Arizona desert land days later where she found her helpless child dead in her pram.
Two days later, Attson once again returned to the horrific scene where she stuffed the baby in a rubbish bag before burying her in an animal hole.
According to the Arizona state department , the baby was born with methamphetamine already in her system.
She had previously been in the custody of social services throughout most of her life, but was returned to her mother Attson two months before her tragic death.

Attson was jailed for 20 years following an investigation by the FBI and Navajo Nation Department of Law Enforcement.
Judge David Campbell said that this was an “intentional, cold-hearted, horrendous killing of an innocent child.”