Mother Bit Lip OFF her Disabled Child Because she Wouldn’t Stop Crying.

Katya Spesivtseva was aged six at the time she was assaulted by her mother Ludmila, 33, in the town of Revda in west-central Russia’s Sverdlovsk Oblast region.

Katya, who suffered from cerebral palsy, started crying at night and woke her mother, who became enraged at being woken up.

Ludmila approached Katya’s cot and attacked her daughter. She started beating the girl, telling her to “shut up” but the terrified child began crying even louder.

The mother then latched her teeth onto Katya’s lower lip and tore it off.

Katya spent several days in extreme pain before an ambulance was called. 

Doctors said that the mother had tried to bite Katya’s nose as well during the ordeal but failed.

The mother was sentenced to four years in prison and also deprived of her parental rights.

Katya spent the last year of her life with the Makarov-Bespalovs family, who surrounded her with care and love before she suddenly died from heart failure at age nine.