Man had sex with horse as he thought it was his girlfriend

48 year old, George Smith, was found in a horse stable with his trousers round his ankles.
Smith was apparently treating the horse “like his girlfriend.”

The horse’s owner became suspicious after she saw Smith loitering nearby.
She found him stood on a crate with his trousers round his ankles behind 9 year old Ruby.

The owner, who can’t be named, said, “This incident has deeply disturbed me. My 10-year-old daughter is scared of going to the yard now as she knows George has been arrested.
She is scared George will turn up to the stables and we will be in danger. Looking back I now find it really strange he said how I could not sell Ruby as ‘she is my mate’.
George looks at Ruby as some kind of partner or girlfriend. He seems fixated on her while I doubt he even knows my other horses’ names.”

Police found 10 nappies, women’s pants and a teddy bear in his caravan.

Smith was given 4 weeks in prison, a 12 month suspended sentence and 10 years of no contact with animals.