Man murders 9-year-old by stabbing him 56 times

19 year old, Marcel Hesse, lured a 9 year old into his cellar and stabbed him 56 times.
He announced his plans on WhatsApp just days before.

Hesse has been described as a “thrill killer”, he is currently on trial for the alleged killng.
He said, “now I’m making some murder weapons. I think that I will strangle someone tomorrow.
My old house is a good location to pick up young people and to keep them until they are cold. Whoever is inside will die within two minutes.”

The person who received the messages said, “I thought it was again a stupid joke from him.”

Hesse handed himself in to a fast food restaurant and the police arrived within 10 minutes to arrest him.

The 9 year old’s stepfather said, “the picture of my stepson lying there dead… I will never forget this. I found him lying in a giant lake of his own blood.”

Hesse confessed to both murders. The trial is ongoing.