Man hides dead toddler in a box in wardrobe for 2 weeks

A man murdered his girlfriend’s baby and hid the body in a box.

21 year old, Tyler Hobbs, has been charged with first degree murder and abuse of a corpse.

The boy’s mother, Maria Giron-Molina also faces an abuse of a corpse charge.

Hobbs allegedly murdered the baby boy and put his body in a tupperware box, he then left it in a wardrobe for 2 weeks.

He told investigators that he shook and choked the child because it wouldn’t calm down.

He then “freaked out” and hid the body.

Giron-Molina is claimed to have seen blood on the sheets and put them in the wardrobe, she didn’t call police as she didn’t want her other children taken away.

Hobbs turned himself in, the couple will have hearings on 4th December.