Killer Jon Venables plans to marry fiancée who ‘knows about his crimes’ when he finishes latest prison sentence for possessing child abuse images.

One of James Bulger’s killers Jon Venables is reportedly planning to marry a woman who knows all about his sickening crimes when he leaves prison after he proposed to her last year.

Jon Venables’ bride-to-be is fully aware that he murdered two-year-old James Bulger and has even stood by him despite his most recent conviction.

Reports claim: Officials have made this woman fully aware of Venables’ horrific crimes yet this hasn’t stopped her wanting to be with him.

‘You have to question what kind of woman would choose to spend their life with a convicted child killer and paedophile.’

They added that while the couple are planning a happy life together, James had any chance of finding his soulmate snatched from him when he was killed.  

Venables was forced to reveal his identity to his girlfriend when officials realised how serious the relationship was.