Jon Venables’s ex lawyer has backed calls to unmask the identity Jon Venables and claimed that “anonymity had been wasted” on him.

He was given just 40 months – his second similar offence in seven years, despite constant supervision.

Solicitor Laurence Lee has said that he sympathised with the Bulger family’s mission to have Venables’ anonymity lifted.

Lee who represented 10-year-old Venables in 1993 said that when he first saw him that he thought he “couldn’t possibly be involved in something so heinous”.

“He was such a convincing liar,” Lee said. “When he was found out he broke down in hysterical tears, he was hugging his mum, hugging the officers… it was then that I realised he was clearly capable.”

Lee then explained whether he believed Venables’ anonymity should be lifted.

“As far as anonymity is concerned I have every sympathy with the Bulger family and if I was in their shoes, I would be clamouring as loudly as they are for his anonymity.

“He has had his chances, he’s committed two very serious sets of offences and anonymity has been wasted on him.”

However he said that as a lawyer, this had to be “balanced” and that he doubts that his anonymity will be lifted.

He said” “If there was no anonymity, we would be facing the mob scenes [again] outside Bootle court in 1993.”