Jon Venables’ secret fiancée ‘terrified after being SPAT AT in street’ amid death threats

Jon Venables’ fiancée says she has been left terrified after receiving death threats and ‘being spat at in the street’.

In a desperate bid to try and protect herself it’s said she has quit social media and is even thinking of leaving her job and moving home from the house she shared with the child killer reports claim.

Despite knowing about his sick crimes, the woman – who cannot be named to protect 35-year-old Venables’ identity – is said to be still standing by her lover after discovering the full extent of his crimes.

“Lots of people now know her identity now and the place where she is living,” a source also told The Sun.

“She’s been shouted at in the street and one woman even spat at her. She’s hoping that things die down but if they don’t she is going to move.”

The fiancée has reportedly been targeted for continuing a relationship with Venables despite having now been made fully aware of his background.

Venables is now in prison currently serving 40 months for the crime.