Homeless woman stabbed 3 times in stomach

A homeless woman has been stabbed 3 times in the stomach.

The 23 year old woman knocked on 25 year old, Aaron Barker’s door asking for help.

Barker said, “There was blood on her stomach. At first it looked like one single gash but when I looked closer there were three puncture wounds to her stomach.”

Barker was leading a theatre group when the class suddenly stop, he said the woman was in her twenties.

Barker went on to say , “she was quite incoherent as she was highly intoxicated so what she said was a bit sketchy.

But she told me and the police that she was stabbed in the city centre and she didn’t know who did that to her.

I asked her in and laid her down on the ground. I applied pressure to her wounds while we waited for the paramedics to arrive.

They got here very quickly.

I’ve done basic first aid training but nothing quite like that. It’s not usually one of the things I do on a daily basis.”

The woman remains in hospital but is in a stable condition.