Final hours of a little boy murdered by his mum and her boyfriend.

Anthony Avalos, 10, was murdered by his mother Heather Barron and stepfather Kareem Leiva after coming out as gay, it is claimed.

In the last hours of his short life, he was allegedly subjected to horrendous treatment, leaving him with injuries all over his body.

Jurors in the US heard how the youngster was found with sunken eyes and small burns.

He also had “scabs on all four of his extremities”, was so thin that his ribs were exposed, and had bruises on his buttocks and back.

Assistant district attorney in the case, Jonathan Hatami, told jurors.

Barron, 29, and Leiva, 32, have both pleaded not guilty to charges that they tortured Anthony and murdered him.

The child died on June 21 in Lancaster, California.