The Film They Tried to Ban: UPDATE 2 – Some of your questions answered.

The Film They Tried to Ban: UPDATE 2 (See here for update 1 – the announcement) 

It’s been a week since my last update and everything is moving forward at a great pace, I have some people helping out which is certainly taking a lot of pressure off me.

I do have tog o into hospital in the new year for an operation but I will update you all about that in the future when I have a date.

I thought I would take the time to answer some of the questions I have seen floating about regarding this new film I am releasing in the spring.

1: Where can I see it?

“It is currently being finished off, the exact way we hope to distribute it is unclear right now but it will be for FREE and most likely via my Facebook page.”

2: Will there be any ‘Paedo Stings’ in your new film?


3: Will your film explain to us why you have been so quiet over the past couple of years?

“It is my hope that this film will shed some light on why things have been very quiet at my end, I hope this also opens up doors to other ‘ventures’ in the future”

4: Where can we donate?

“There is a link here for any donations –

5: What date will the film be out?

“Unsure of the exact date but we aim to get it out at the start of spring 2018”

6: If you are giving the film away for free how will you make money/fund other films/projects?

“The same way I have funded projects that ended up failing, through donations and displaying adverts on news stories I post, yes I know they can be annoying but each click and each view helps make me enough to put things into production and pay the people who are working with me.”


I am going to try and post an update every week from now until the launch of the film.

Thanks for reading. Stinson

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