Father admits to murdering his children after setting fire to their house

Man admits to killing his children after setting fire to their home.

His wife was also injured.

47 year old, Endris Mohammed, has admitted to causing the deaths of his 2 children and has said it was down to being mentally ill.

His children were 6 and 8 years of age.

The mother, 37 year old Penil Teklehaimanot, had minor injuries.

The fire happened at around 3:40am in their home in Hamstead, Birmingham.

The judge said, “It is important that you should know that the defendant does not dispute that he is responsible for the deaths of these two children.

On the first two counts on the indictment, of murder, there is an issue about the defendant’s mental state at the time of the offences.

The defendant accepts causing their deaths. This is not a case where he is saying that he denies it.

The issue is whether he was suffering form a mental disorder and if so whether he can establish a defence of what is called diminished responsibility.

The issue is not whether he carried out the acts the prosecution allege, it’s his mental state at the time.

You may feel revulsion for what happened and great sympathy for the mother, or if it proves that the defendant did have mental issues, you may feel sympathy for him.

But these feelings are even more reason to be objective in your judgement.

I am sure that you will not let these feelings get in the way of your judgement.”

The trial will last for around 2 weeks.