Disturbing footage has come to light which shows a nanny throwing a tot around like a ragdoll.

The infant can be heard screaming and crying in the video, clearly terrified by what has just happened to it.
The woman was throwing the little child and picking it up by its ankles and walking off with it.
The footage was captured on a hidden camera placed in the room by the child’s concerned mother who became worried after noticing bruises on her daughter Laila’s neck and shoulders.

She told reporters: “It was very emotional watching it. I refused to sleep, eat or drink for a couple of days afterward.
“It’s difficult to imagine how long this has been going on for. I can see Laila is so, so broken after everything.”

Annemarie said she immediately passed the footage on to police, who arrested the suspect after viewing it.
The nanny appeared in court charged with attempted murder.
She was denied bail and remanded in custody until October.