Dad throws infant daughter off ROOF in stand-off local police

A disturbing video captures the moment an indignant father throws his baby daughter off the roof of their ramshackle home to protest against its demolition.

The image we have used shows the terrifying moment where the baby girl was thrown from the roof of their shack, by her dad during his protest/stand-off with local police

The dissidence and anger displayed by the father were due to a desperate bid to stop his home from being torn down. The man, in his mid-thirties,  climbed to the top of the shack in Joe Slovo West,Kwadwesi (South Africa)

The baby was dangled over the edge by her leg, waving her around like a flag, aimed at the cops below. The police attempted to talk the man down but within minutes the dad recklessly threw his one-year-old daughter.

The tot was miraculously caught by a member of Metro Police and was returned to her mum.