Coroner rules a 14-week-old baby died of ‘violent shaking’ one year after her dad was cleared of murder.

Her father Christopher O’Neill was cleared of murder by a jury in 2017.

Coroner Joe McCrisken found that the cause of death had been hypoxic ischaemic necrosis due to cardio-respiratory arrest, cerebral oedema and spinal haemorrhage due to violent shaking.

Coroner Mr McCrisken found that Caragh had suffered a cardio-respiratory arrest on February 5 “due to being shaken violently and with extreme force”.

“There was no other reason for the cardio-respiratory arrest. I am satisfied that Caragh was shaken at least once, but probably on more than one occasion,” he said.

“The injuries to Caragh’s brain and eyes required a rapid and substantial acceleration and deceleration of her head and neck.

“I am satisfied that violent shaking caused bilateral bleeds to Caragh’s brain as well as severe retinal bleeding and bleeding around the optic nerve.

“The subsequent lack of oxygen and blood flow cause cerebral oedema and irreversible brain damage.”