Baby found in rat infested squat that was shared by 27 other people

A baby has been found live in a rat infested squat with 27 other people.

The walls were damp and several bunk beds were crammed in. It has been described as a “house of horrors”.

Enforcement officers were shocked when they found the baby and a family of 5 living in the North-West London home.
The landlord however, claimed that he knew nothing about the amount of people who lived there.

A local councillor said, “Can you imagine being crammed into a house with more than twenty people? What a horrible way to live.
And how the landlord did not know about this is shocking. It’s unsafe, unsanitary and exploits people who really want a decent place to live.”

The majority of people were said to be Romanian workers.
The council are now looking to take legal action.