Angry Locals tear down shrine setup for armed burglar on pensioner Richard Osborn-Brooks property

Fuming locals are being applauded as bunches of flowers and gifts dedicated to armed burglar Henry Vincent, placed by his tasteless friends and family on pensioner Richard Osborn-Brook’s property, are being removed and destroyed.

Richard Osborn-Brooks was initially arrested for the attempted murder of Henry Vincent before being released by Police in Hither Green, south-east London

Our initial report of this situation can be read HERE

A neighbour of Richard commented: “that shrine would turn his stomach.

“These people should accept Vincent was the architect of his own death, yet they come here and rub it in Richard’s face. They have no shame.”

The disturbing memorial on Osborn-Brooks land to Vincent, 37, was set up the public discovered that Richard and 76- year-old wife is currently under police protection due to people grieving this criminal at the house he was going to rob from.