Actress Tina Malone faces jail over claims she breached an order protecting the identity of Jon Venables

Tina Malone, the star of Channel 4′ show Shameless, 55, has confirmed she’s in need of a lawyer after receiving a court summons which could land her in jail.

In a post on Facebook she wrote: “I need a lawyer asap!!!! Iv been committed to the high court!!!…

“Omg anyone know any free legal lawyer for me asap!!!! Im serious!!! Becoz i retweeted something!!”

Jon Venables identity is protected by a lifelong High Court injunction banning anyone from posting pictures claiming to be of him of fellow killer Robert Thompson.

If she is found to have breached the order, Tina could get two years in jail or an unlimited fine even if the photo in the post was not actually of the convicted murderer.