A ‘paedophile cannibal’ admitted murdering his before boiling them in a pan and eating it.

A ‘paedophile cannibal’ admitted gouging his victim’s eye before boiling it in a pan and eating it with his 12-year-old ‘lover’.

Arkady Zverev, 22, also confessed to putting the severed head of murdered Alexander Popovich, 21, in a microwave and turning it on the highest setting for three minutes.

The Russian man calmly told a court he ate the young victim’s cooked brains as new gruesome revelations were heard.

From a metal cage a pale and dishevelled Zverev was detained in custody for two months to allow further investigations of the macabre case in which he has confessed to axing and dismembering his victim.

She is below the age of criminal responsibility and will not face charges.

Zverev faces charges of murder, abusing a dead body and sex with a minor, reports state.