A man left a baby girl badly brain damaged after getting “stressed” playing his Xbox.

Dale Thomson, 27, violently shook the nine-month-old child at a flat in Dundee leaving the victim to suffer “lifelong implications”

The sick thug pleaded guilty to attacking the girl to her severe injury, permanent impairment and danger of her life at the High Court in Glasgow.

It is said he looked “raging” after he sent her a photo of him playing the console.

She urged him not to play the game and asked him “not to take his feelings out on others” or she would switch it off on returning home.

Thomson went to claim he had found the girl “floppy” in her cot.

The court heard the child suffered seizures in hospital.

Thomson was later quizzed by police. He was described as “angry and very agitated”.

He said: “I know I’ve got a lot of time ahead of me in jail.

“I’ve nobody to blame bar myself.”

Prosecutor Mr Kearney said it was agreed that Thomson “violently shook” the girl causing her head to “rapidly” go back and forwards.

The advocate depute added: “The injury… was severe. It will have lifelong implications impacting on her movement, learning, speech and vision.”

Lord Burns deferred sentencing for reports until next month, he showed no emotion as he was remanded into custody.