A 30-year-old man who violently shook his baby son to death has been found GUILTY

Bricklayer McLaren was remanded in custody by a High Court judge and will be sentenced on Monday.

The father had been on trial for murder and causing grievous body harm to another child for almost two weeks but was convicted today by a unanimous jury verdict.

The jury at Reading Crown Court had heard that four-and-a-half month baby Jack McLaren had suffered severe brain damage over a period of time.

McLaren shook his son so violently that his brain was badly damaged and a brain expert’s conclusion was that Jack had died as a result of bouts of shaking by his father.

McLaren had been arrested after investigations into little Jack’s death followed his admission to hospital.

Paramedics had rushed to the family home in Newbury, Berkshire after the father dialled 999 to say Jack “had choked on his feed bottle and had gone all funny.”