49 and 17 year old found out they were both abused by the same teacher 30 years apart

49 year old, Jenny Jones Wallentine and 17 year old, Marissa Jeppson, found out that they had both been abused by the same man over 30 years.

Wallentine was assaulted by 70 year old, Doug Tate over 30 years ago when he was her chemistry teacher. The same happened to Jeppson last year.

Wallentine got in touch with Jeppson after she read on Facebook that he had been arrested.

The two of them arranged to meet at a restaurant to talk about Tate.

Tate tutored Wallentine at his home over 30 years age, however, she recalls taking a drink and waking up with no clothes on.

When Wallentine and Jeppson met up they couldn’t believe the similarities.

Tate was ordered to serve a sentence of 3 years to life.