16-year-old mugged by gang who urinated on him

A gang robbed a 16 year old and urinated on him.

16 year old, Jack Green, had his phone and trainers taken off him when he got mugged on his way home from a party.

His mother, Tammy Green, found him in bed soaked in blood and urine.

Jack has both eyes blackened, cuts and bruises to his face, ribs, arms and legs as well as a smashed nose.

The gang urinated on Jack and left him unconscious in the street, Jack has no recollection of how he got home.

His mom rang 999 and an ambulance took Jack to hospital.

Tammy said, I screamed the house down when I saw him like that in bed.

I said to Jack ‘you’ve been beaten up’ but he couldn’t remember a thing about what had happened to him, it looks as if he’d curled up in a ball on his right side to protect himself from the blows.

They never got his gold chain as his jumper covered it up. But when I checked his jeans they stank of urine and were covered in it.

Jack’s boxers were stone dry so it’s obvious what happened as they left him on the ground.”

I’m asking if anyone has seen or heard any information about this to please contact us or the police as soon as possible.” s

The attack happened between Norwich Road, Money Bank, Mount Drive and Sefton Avenue.

Cambridgeshire Police are asking for anyone with any information to come forward.