10 men arrested over a 15 year old prostitute

The girl was forced into being a prostitute by a 20 year old female pimp.
The pimp is the 15 year old’s step auntie.

The raids were carried out as part of a supression drive against gangs in Thailand.
Police raided 14 areas.

The girl’s mother asked for help when she found out her daughter had been forced into sleeping with customers for money.
It had been happening for 7 months.

The men arrested were, Anothai Wirasai, 50, Wut Jitsopha, 55, Chamnian Saeli, 53, Thanakrit Winaikij, 41, Wiraphong Wongphimol, 36, Khacha Phongchamras, 28, Thanawat Banthaothuk,
Wiraphan Siriphatthanaphong, Phaibul Wariphinthu, 55, and Choemphong Phiphatsatja, 38.

4 other men are still out there, they are said to have bought sex from the girl.