2 year old beaten to death

21 year old, Erin Smith-Spencer beat 2 year old, Ilena Harris to death. Harris' mother Tabitha wasn't home when it happened, she tried to wake her daughter up in Wednesday morning only to find her dead. Harris was visiting her grandmother at hospital while Erin looked after her children. Tabitha found Ilena in

Nursery children “punished” by standing naked in class

Police are investigating a kindergarten after claims of sexual molestation and needle marks of children. Allegations against Beijing kindergarten staff has sparked outrage amongst the parents. The children were sexually molseted and pierced by needles. They were also given pills. Children around 3 years old told their parents of how a naked man would

James Bulger’s father says Jon Venables identity should be shown

51 year old, Ralph Bulger has said Jon Venables should be stripped of his anonymity. This comes after recent news of Venables being jailed for having child abuse images on his computer. Ralph also believes Venables should face life in prison for the crimes he commited on James Bulger 24 years ago. Raplh

300 child sexual abuse crimes reported in football

Police in Scotland have had 298 recorded crimes of sexual abuse since the probe was released last November. 153 victims have been identified and 13 people arrested with offences that relate to child sexual abuse. The investigation was started after former players came forward and said how they were abused by authoritive

Newborn baby dies after being thrown from 4th floor window

A newborn baby who was born in secret has been thrown from a college dormitory window. No one realised she was pregnant as she wore winter clothes and people though she was "a bit chubby." Her parents did not know she was pregnant. The 19 year old mother wrapped it in a blanket

Breast cancer survivor groped and urinated on while shopping

A woman, who did not want to be named, was sexually assaulted in a shopping mall. She is a breast cancer survivor and had a double mastectomy and recent reconstructive surgery. The woman was shopping for bras when the man grabbed her from behind and rubbed his body against her. He has been

Man kills teenager and snatches his baby

A man has shot and killed an 18 year old. He can not be named for legal reasons. The shooting happened on Thanksgiving at around 8pm. 18 year old, DreLandon Brown was rushed to a local hospital, he sadly died from his injuries. The man fled the scene after snatching the Brown's 2-week old