Paedophile who initially pleaded guilty changes his mind

21 year old Christopher Wilson has filed a notice to take back his guilty plea. Wilson initially admitted to attempting to have sex with a 12 year old. He allegedly approached a 12 year old girl as she got off her school bus, he offered her a game console for sex. Wilson, who

Father of Poppi Worthington goes to inquest hearing undercover

49 year old, Paul Worthington, was flanked by police officers after turning up to court under cover. Poppi Worthington was rushed to hospital when she collapsed and "blood dribbled down her legs" back in 2012. Paul found her in bed and an ambulance arrived shortly after, Paul, a trained First-Aider helped paramedics

Serial killer Levi Bellfield confesses to Russell murders

Strong claims that Bellfield told another prisoner a "very detailed confession" could mean that Michael Stone may be freed Michael Stone was convicted for killing Lin Russell and her daughter Megan. He has spent nearly 20 years in prison. Stone's lawyers said, “We have now received evidence of a full confession by Levi

Mother murders her 4-month-old son

A woman has been charged for murder after her baby boy died. 26 year old, Ericka Lee Dabney, has been charged with the murder of her 4 month old son. 4-month old, Dallas Aranda sadly died in August. Dabney was on multiple drugs while carrying Dallas. This was a huge risk of death to

American exchange student tried to arrange online child sex abuse

A student studying abroad tried to encourage his exchange partner's younger sister online. 29 year old, Chase Heltzel, exchanged images of children being sexually abused. Heltzel was studying in England from America. Heltzel's fiance ended their relationship shortly after. Police were called to his flat and seized his laptop. They found pictures and videos of

Man raped teenager in car park after threatening to stab her

36 year old, Mark Harrison Arnott, has been charged with raping a teenager. Arnott made no plea in court. Arnott approached the woman from behind and threatened to stab her, he then demanded her to take off her clothes. He then pushed her over and raped her at around 8:15pm in a car

3-year-old found dead in Birmingham house

A 3 year old boy has been found dead in a Birmingham house. He was a child of seven. 2 people have been arrested in suspicion of murder. A 56 year old and 35 year old, man and woman, were arrested but later released. Pupils from the boys school have been offered counselling. The headteacher

Mother murders son in forest and sits by his body for hours

A 38 year old woman killed her 5 year old son in a forest. She sat next to the body for hours. The woman has been described as "mentally unstable." Police suspect that the 5 year old was strangled or suffocated by his mother. There was no murder weapon at the scene nor was

Paedophile jailed for sex crimes against teenage boys

48 year old, Colin Grant, has been jailed for online child sex offences. Grant pretended to be a teenage girl on Skype and asked boys for sexual pictures. Essex Police started receiving intelligence about him in May of 2016. Police were then issued a warrant to raid his home. Grant admitted to 13 counts