Poppi Worthington case to potentially be re-opened

Cumbria police are hoping to hold a meeting with CPS. Police hope to re-open the Poppi Worthington case. The Chief Constable said, "I will consider the detail of the Coroner's conclusion and his comments today and we will be having an early discussion with the Crown Prosecution Service in order to determine

Man murdered by angry neighbour by crossbow

30 year old, Shane Gilmer, has died from an attack in his home. Gilmer was killed in a crossbow attack following a noise complaint from his neighbour. His pregnant girlfriend, Laura Sugden, fled from the scene covered in blood. Police are searching for their neighbour, Anthony Lawrence. He has not been seen since the

Toddler Poppi Worthington was sexually abused by her father before she died, a coroner has ruled, finding her death was caused by asphyxia.

Coroner David Roberts is reported as saying, “Paul Worthington assaulted his daughter Poppi, in his bed, laid a cover over her and went to sleep. He said she died because her ability to breathe was compromised as a result of "an unsafe sleeping environment." Mr Roberts said her father's account of events

Man slit travel agent’s throat in store

30 year old, Andrew Burke, has been accused of killing Cassie Haynes. 28 year old, Haynes, worked in a Merseyside TUI store. Haynes later died in hospital. She died from a wound to the throat. 10 police vehicles raced to the scene and Burke was detained on suspicion of murder.

Man plotted to rape, kill and EAT teenager

62 year old, Dale Bolinger, confessed to have cannibalistic thoughts all his life. He was jailed in 2014 for 9 years after plotting to rape, behead and eat a 14 year old girl. He is now free and moved from the UK to Nebraska. However, police in his local town have ordered extra

18 year old calmly describes how she stabbed someone to death

Venus Romero Iraheta, has confessed to murdering a 15 year old. A video of Iraheta has been released by police in which she calmly confesses. Iraheta says in the video that she stabbed her in the stomach. She was part of the MS-13 gang and believed that her victim killed her boyfriend. Iraheta also

Mum found dead with her 2 children and heartbreaking note

29 year old, Sydnie-Blu MacFarlane, was discovered dead in her bed alongside her 2 children. MacFarlane was also found with a note that read, "We are to be buried together. No one is to separate me from my babies." The mother of 2 has been warned that she would get kicked out