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Last year I made my LIVE STAGE DEBUT - The show we put on at the Crescent Theatre in Birmingham was a HUGE success, I spoke about things that I haven't spoken about in years, the feedback from people was amazing, so many people could either relate to my life journey

Ellie Butler’s granddad ‘authorities have blood on their hands’

Yesterday, the grandparent of Ellie Butler stated she would “be alive” if local authorities had done their best to protect her from her deranged father.A distraught Neal Gray, 72, made this statement after the coroner ruled that Ellie had been “unlawfully killed” but that the agencies looking after her should

Newborn Baby’s body found in Manchester field

newborn banies body found george street, Heywood. Image from Google Streetview

Police in Heywood, Greater Manchester have launched an investigation after the discovery of what is thought to be a babies body.  The devastating discovery was made during this mornings rush hour in a field near George Street at around 7 am.The identity of the baby and the mother of the