Ian Huntley has BRAGGED that he will be free within three years.

Huntley was given a life sentence of which he must serve at least 40 years in 2005. He now claims that he is a reformed character after attending a series of self-help classes. A source claims: ‘Huntley sees himself as a reformed character and has been complaining about his 40-year sentence. ‘He

Paedophile escapes prison sentence due to a “bad back”

A paedophile has avoided jail because of a bad back. 60 year old, John Chappell, abused 3 girls over 40 years ago. Chappell admitted to assaulting them in the 70s. He indecently touched the girls, who were under 14, and asked them perform sex acts. However, after the judge said that his back would

Toddler shot and killed their 1-year-old sister

Toddler shoots their own sister dead. A 3 year old has shot and killed their 1 year old sister. 25 year old, Shawn Moore, put his 2 children to sleep in a bed where his gun was kept. Witnesses heard gun shots and 1 year old, Robin, was rushed to hospital, sadly, she

23-stone babysitter crushes a child to death by sitting on her

A babysitter has crushed a child to death. 64 year old, Veronica Posey sat on her 9 year old cousin as a punishment. The 64 year old who weighs 23-stone crushed Dericka Lindsay to death. Posey has been charged with murdering the child. Dericka was sat on for 12 minutes, causing her to go

Woman who made indecent of children as young as 1 walks free

Nanny who made indecent images of underage girls walks free from court. 23 year old, Elliana Ede-Borrett, shared indecent photos of girls as young as 1 with her ex over DropBox. Ede-Borrett pleaded guilty to 3 counts of making indecent images of a child. She claimed that her partner at the time manipulated

Couple found dead in woods

A young couple have been found dead in a woodland. Charlie Eccleston and Zaiga Gravenieks were found dead after celebrating a halloween party. The 2 musicians were last seen leaving Charlie's flat. They were reported missing 2 days later. Police and volunteers went on searches for the couple. Their bodies were sadly found in

Man kills his friend for admitting to being a paedophile

Man killed his paedophile friend. 47 year old, James Garner killed his friend after believing he was a paedophile. The 52 year old victim, who can't be named, bled to death after being stabbed 12 times in the neck. Garner said, "he was easy to get along with; most predators are." Garner claimed that

2-year-old dies from swallowing a battery

A child has died from swallowing a battery. 2 year old, Brianna Florer turned blue and threw up blood after several days of feeling ill. Brianna was rushed to hospital and went straight into surgery. She later died. X-Rays revealed that she had swallowed a small battery. It is unknown how she swalled the battery,

Toddler shot in the head and killed

A toddler has been shot in the head. A 2 year old has been killed from getting shot in the head. Police have said there were a number of people in the home at the time and the shooting was "presumably" an accident. Full details of the shooting are not yet known. The child