90% of school children are suffering abuse in one Australian town

A town in Australia has been hit with a paedophile epidemic with 90% of school children being sexually abused. The sex crimes are being deemed as "normal". 36 men have been charged with over 300 offences against 184 children in Roebourne, Western Australia. West Australian Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan said the scale

Paedophile posed as Justin Bieber to lure underage girls into sending photos

Yohann Ramchelawon has posed as a Justin Bieber lookalike to get underage girls to send him indecent photos. He created multiple social media profiles on Instagram, Whatsapp, Skype and Facebook of the lookalike before the grooming started on girls between 12 and 17. Some of the victims did perfrom sex acts on

Paedophile Teacher jailed for sexaully assaulting girl under 13

Former teacher, Edward Ryan, has been sent to prison for 4 years after sexually assaulting a girl under 13 on 4 seperate occasions. The sexual assault took place in private lessons at the school he used to work at, he resigned as soon as the allegations came to light. An investigator said:

Man jailed for fracturing his baby’s skull

23 year old, John Robinson, has been convicted of assaulting his 7 week old daughter, he still claims that he did not do it. Robinson claimed he was feeding her and she simply "flopped back", he did not lose his temper, shake or hit her. The baby wasn't breathing properly and looked

Man purposely infects lovers with HIV

26 year old, Daryll Rowe has been accused of infecting partners with HIV, he tampered with condoms. He was originally charged with infecting 2 men but the number has now risen to 10. The judge has given all victims lifetime anonymity. HIV positive, Rowe denies all of the charges against him, his

Prisoner stabbed in face by Tia Sharp’s killer, Stuart Hazell

Tia Sharp's killer, Stuart Hazell has allegedly stabbed a fellow prisoner twice in the face. The fellow prisoner was urgently treated in the prison's medical wing, he had previously lost his right eye in another attack. Hazell is serving life in prison for the murder of Tia Sharp, his step-grandaughter. Hazell campaigned in

A young mother left her baby to die while she partied for a week with friends

The 17-year-old waited until her husband had been called up for military service before locking her nine-month-old baby Egor in the house before setting off to see her friends who were staying in college accommodation while her child slowly starved to death. Reports in Russia say she told staff at the student housing

Women jailed after assaulting pensioner in his own home

2 women have been jailed after they broke into a pensioner's home and tried to steal his beer. They were both drunk at the time. The pensioner was kicked, punched and hit in the face with a dog bowl. The women were originally charged for burglary but were then proven guilty of

Girl found mentally ill over “Slender Man” stabbing

15-year-old Anissa Weier has been determined as mentally ill during an attack she pleaded guilty to in August 2014. On the grounds that she was mentally ill she will be sent to a mental hospital instead of a prison. The other girl involved, Morgan Geyser pleaded not guilty to attempted second-degree