Catfish paedophile asked boys for explicit photos

26 year old, Matthew Vickers pretended to be a 22 year old woman called Sarah Brinkley. He messaged twelve boys under the age of 16. He persuaded two of the boys to send sexually explicit photos, he told one of them, "“I can get nude and rude if you can get

Man avoids prison for raping a toddler

51 year old, John Mason, has avoided prison as the judge said their was "no real purpose" in imprisoning him. The offence took place in the early 80s and Mason admitted to offending. The maximum sentence under the particular act was 3 months at the time. The victim suffered over 10 years

13 year old boy sexually abused his 2 brothers and sister

A 13 year old boy sexually abused his two brothers and sister after their Mother left them to fend for themselves. A judge said the boy would have gone to prison had he been older. Their neglect had been described as "feral" and of "utter deprivation", after the Mother had totally

Paedophile caught with children in his home

Mark Dowson, was caught with children in his home after lying to his supervising police officer that he was 10 minutes away. Last year he was given a 3 year community service order for sending sex texts to a 15 year old, and sent her a "dirty old man text" saying

Woman jailed for sex with 12 year old boy

35 year old, Jodie Delray was convicted for sexual assault and activity with a 12 year old boy, she was jailed for 5 and a half years. The prosecutor said how there was an element of grooming between her and the boy. On the other han, her defence said that she

Father swings daughter around his head like a ragdoll

A Ukranian man has claimed his daughter is the world's smallest gymnast after he upload a sickening video of him swinging his baby daughter. The video lasts for 4 minutes and in it he holds her by her arms and swings her from side to side and around his head. He goes

Man beheads toddler and takes it into the street

42 year old, Mikhail Elinsky, decapitated his 18 month baby shortly after being released from a psychiatric hospital. He also stabbed his niece. His niece had previously begged the authorities NOT to release him from hospital, saying he was still a danger after he had killed a woman 6 years before. As