Parents given life over child’s death

Parents given life over child's death. 24 year old Mariya Jones and 33 year old Aaron Miles have both been given a life sentence plus 85 years. They will both spend their lives behind bars after being convicted of murdering a child. The judge said, “this poor child was tortured to death, no

Mother drowns baby for 1-2 hours

25 year old, Markiya Mitchell has been charged with drowning her 10-day-old son. She submerged him in a bathtub. for 1-2 hours. Mitchell pleaded not guilty over murdering her son Jeremiah Mitchell, but was charged with second degree murder. Another adult found the unresponsive baby and called emergency services. Jeremiah was pronounced dead at

Couple arrested over “extreme” child abuse on 2-year-old

A couple have been arrested over "extreme" accusations of child abuse. The boy is 2 years old. The child's grandmother found him unconscious and called 911. He was taken to hospital and is in a critical condition. The child was with his mother, 19 year old Carissa Thivener and her boyfriend, 23 year old

Man with 90,000 child abuse images spared jail

Man with 90,000 child abuse images spared jail. 27 year old, Brett Walker was spared jailed because he “would not survive prison.” Walker, who is autistic, was found with 90,000 child abuse images. The images featured 6 year olds being raped, he downloaded the images over 10 years. 968 pictures and 255 videos were

Pregnant woman drowns 4-year-old

A woman has killed her lover's daughter. A 30 year old pregnant woman known as, Asha, murdered a 4 year old child. Asha was in an extra-marital relationship with the child's father, Dharmalingam. The child's head was forced into a bucket of water by Asha. Police said, "recently, Asha learnt she was pregnant with

Man who killed 2 day old daughter is found dead in prison cell

Baby killer found dead in prison cell. 22 year old, Liam Deane, who murdered his 2 day old daughter has been found dead in his prison cell. He gave her brain injuries when she wouldn't stop crying which she later died from. Deane was jailed last month for murdering his daughter. He was given

Father stabs 3 year old daughter to death

A father has stabbed his daughter. A 40 year old man, who can not be named, has allegedly stabbed his 3 year old. She died from her wounds. She is said to have been stabbed in a local playground not far from Helsinki. The father is said to be a French citizen, he was

Father murdered his wife and 2 kids before shooting himself

Father murdered his wife and kids then killed himself. 39 year old, Jason Fairbanks, has killed his wife and 2 young children before shooting himself. They lived in a quiet, "normal" neighbourhood. Jason's sister Laura said, “he wasn’t a bad person, he loved his family so much.” She said they had been going through

4 police officers murdered a 14-year-old when they were drunk

4 police officers murdered a 14 year old. On Monday, 4 police officers were arrested for killing a 14 year old boy. The men were arrested on charges of murder. The police officers have claimed that the boy was shot by drug dealers by accident. However, eye witnesses have said the officers tortured the