Woman who made indecent of children as young as 1 walks free

Nanny who made indecent images of underage girls walks free from court.

23 year old, Elliana Ede-Borrett, shared indecent photos of girls as young as 1 with her ex over DropBox.

Ede-Borrett pleaded guilty to 3 counts of making indecent images of a child.

She claimed that her partner at the time manipulated her.

Ede-Borrett said she wanted to make her partner happy.

The judge said, “On the basis of the facts of this case, she was being used by the looks of it.

The man involved left it for her to take responsibility for the images and his hands were clean. Even if he was detected, because of the way he set it up, it looks as if he was making a good job of protecting himself.

Having heard the background to this I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a situation where because of your vulnerability, you have been used by somebody in order for him to gain access to the disgusting photos.”

She made 12 category A images but was sentenced to 60 days community service.