Woman charged after forcing stepkids to lick poo from toilet bowl and beating genitals with belt

Sara Anne Woody faces the accusation of beating one of her step children’s genitals with a belt for accidentally “wetting the bed” and another accusation forcing her stepkids to drink an apple-cider-vinegar concoction in order to regurgitate her “stolen” food.

The 25-year-old faces charges of injury to a child with serious bodily or mental injury.

According to the Times Record News, Woody faces nearly THIRTY criminal charges of child abuse.

Her husband and father of the children, Jonathan Darrell Woody, was arrested last year and charged with several counts of child endangerment for not preventing or reporting the abuse.

He first lied to police about the injuries claiming they were caused by the boys “play fighting” but “never did anything to stop it and told the boys to lie to police”.

Mrs Woody was initially arrested by police in March 2016 when one child was admitted to hospital for a lip injury.

Upon interviewing the child, he told authorities that his stepmother, Woody,  had hit him multiple times with kitchen utensils.

Bruising on the outside of his upper lip and a healing laceration on the inside of his upper lip were found according to the report.

The bruising stretched across his entire upper lip from corner to corner.

Authorities also observed bruising around the boy’s right eye, right cheek, right eyebrow near the temple region, a scabbed-over wound on his right cheek, and bruising above his left eyebrow near the temple.

Both sides of his chest had clear marks of blunt force trauma.

Official police reports go on to say “the boy told officers the bruise on his upper lip was caused by Woody hitting him with a metal spoon six times, each strike worsening and causing more swelling and cuts”

The child also said there were times when stepmom Woody also forced him to “drink something that made him sick”, starved him and locked him in a closet overnight as punishment, smacked him with a wooden paddle for taking food, and forced him to do push-ups and other exercises and hitting him with a tent stick if he stopped.

The boy during the interview also said Woody “would make him and a sibling lick the toilet as punishment and would hit one of the children on the penis for wetting the bed.”