“S**T” Bradley Lowery memorial has been vandalized – Let’s find the scumbag responsible

Bradley Lowery, the young Sunderland fan who captured the nations heart, lost his long battle with neuroblastoma earlier this week.

However, a scumbag vandal has defaced a Bradley Lowery shirt memorial pinned to railings left in tribute.

The Sunderland shirt was pinned outside The Clock pub in Hebburn, Newcastle, in memory of six-year-old Bradley.

The words ‘S**T’ were written across a tribute to the youngster, reading “There’s only one Bradley Lowery”.

Fingers are being pointed at “Dan B” as both pieces of graffiti apparently appeared overnight.

Taylor, 22, who lives in Hebburn, said: “There was graffiti saying Dan B on the bus stop and then I saw what looked like the same paint on the shirt.

“It’s absolutely horrible. With what his family are going though I don’t understand what type of person would do that.

“Both were done on the same night only 100 yards apart. People need to realise one day it could be them or one of their family members.”